Are you having trouble finding local properties to Buy and Sell?

Are you thinking about buying properties?

Are you lost in the process?

then this Investment class is just for you!!

Our Real Estate Investing courses includes specially designed worksheets and hands-on activities to take the guesswork out of your investing efforts. this course will help you do more with less effort while serving the needs of your buyers and sellers

Here Are Some of The Things You Will Learn • How To find Deals.

  • How to Estimate Repairs
  • Build a Real Estate Team that works for you
  • Find the Best Properties to rehab for the Highest Profits
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Ways to Structure a Deal for Bigger Profits!
  • Things you MUST tell Your Contractors to keep your Investment Safe!
  • How to Systematize the Rehabbing and Selling Process to make it Faster, Easier and Safer
  • Meet and network with other investors.
  • The Current Retail Market
  • Creating a Buyers ListThe knowledge you will receive at this course is more information that we had before we started this business and became successful investors


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